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We are at the 2nd phase of Projeto Legado Program

Good news Peace Ambassadors!

We are proud to share with you that, in addition to beeing finalist at the Ozires Silva Award 2015 this month, we have just been qualified for the second phase of the selection process of the Projeto Legado (Legacy Project) 2015.

The second phase of the selection process is consist of a making a video that: shows the reasons of interest to participate in the Legacy Project; our team availability and commitment to participate of the Legacy Project; should be maximum THREE minutes long; Explains what are the concrete actions of the #CheerForPeace movement; Shows how is the indirect participation of Peace Ambassadors.

To participate in the co-creation of this video, that will guarantee our team to have the best in training and advisory services to expand our impact, sustainability and participation in society please register yourself as a Peace Ambassador at our website and join us.

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